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Aluminum Foldable Ladder



The franchise of the Online Shopping PAKISTAN always tries to bring quality products to its valued customers. Today, the company is presenting a new product of its kind that you might have not seen or heard about it before. The name of this versatile product is called the Aluminum Foldable Ladder.

The Aluminum Foldable Ladder is a state of the art ladder that can be folded into four halves. On a completely unfolded, the Aluminum Foldable Ladder turns into a total length of 11 ft. It means now you do not have to bring bamboo based ladder to climb on your rooftop, instead the very same purpose can now be fulfilled with the help of the Aluminum Foldable Ladder.

The Aluminum Foldable Ladder is crafted from highest quality aluminum alloy construction that further added to the reliability and durability of the ladder. This alloy aluminum is corrosion free; means it would get easily damaged when exposed to light or humidity for a long time. Moreover, the ladder can be folded into four halves again and it occupies a small space for its storage.

The Aluminum Foldable Ladder features highest quality hinges that can be changed into multi-positions by the user. Another feature of these hinges is to prevent the ladder from being opened or closed accidentally. The best thing about the Aluminum Foldable Ladder is that you can fold the ladder into one halves, two halves, three halves or four halves as per the requirement. The ladder can be folded into 7 different positions.

The Aluminum Foldable Ladder would definitely prove to be a best option to use in homes, workplaces, garages, warehouses, factories and industries. You can easily purchase this unique lifting gadget just by calling to the number at 0333.4115583. You can also place your order for the same just by visiting the website of the company, WWW.ONLINESHOPPINGPAK.COM.

Additional Features of the Aluminum Foldable Ladder:

  1. Multipurpose and versatile aluminum foldable ladder
  2. Made from the highest quality aluminum alloy
  3. Features up to 7 folding positions
  4. Equipped with multi-position hinges
  5. Features safety lock
  6. Bottom pads are equipped with rubber for firm grip

Technical Specs of the Aluminum Foldable Ladder:

  1. Total length of the ladder: 11 ft
  2. Total Weight of the Product: 14.2 KG (approx.)
  3. Total Foot Steps: Twelve (12)
  4. Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 14.2 x 39.2 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

Package Includes:

1 x Aluminum Foldable Ladder


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