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Derma Wand


Nothing could be more disturbing than looking yourself in the mirror and see the first sign of wrinkles. Wrinkles or creases are absolutely not a pleasant sign for almost all the individuals regardless of their age, gender and they take each possible measure to counter this problem. The wrinkles basically depict the ageing process of any individuals and it usually occurs in their higher age. Thanks to the modern science, now you can use a product to minimize the wrinkles as the Derma Wand.

The Derma Wand can be regarded as the wonder of the modern science. This device works by the radio frequency, massaging action and thermal energy. This device works by thermal energy; means it has a dedicated bulb that throws light and enables the restore the elastin of the skin. As a result, all the loose skin gets tightened in a natural way.

The Derma Wand not only helps to minimize the symptoms of the wrinkles or creases, but it also helps to treat the swollen eyes by reducing the dark circles under the eye. One of the best features of this product is that it uses the same radio frequency technology that is used in the professional machine designed to de-wrinkle the skin and these machines are also used by doctors.

The overall working of the de-wrinkling gadget is quite easy. You just have to plug its switch in the wall socket connector to make it work. Now switch on the machine and you will observe that the light of the device will begin to flash instantly. Now you have to apply this light on your skin in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. You have to use this machine for 4, 5 minutes a day to get the optimum results.

The Derma Wand could be the ultimate solution for men and women experiencing wrinkles on their skin. You can easily place order of this product by dialing the number 0333-411583. After that, our representative will help you to generate your order.

Additional Specs of the Derma Wand:

  1. Help to reduce wrinkles and creases on the skin
  2. Help to tightens to lose skin
  3. Helps to reduce the look of black circles around eyes
  4. Lightweight
  5. Portable
  6. Compact

Package Contains:

1 x Derma Wand

1 x Pouch of Derma Wand

1 x Instructional DVD

1 x Instruction Manual


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