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Hair Straightener 609



If you have invested a great deal of energy and cash on various parlors to straight your hair and haven’t succeeded in this way, then there is no compelling reason to lose trust. Because, now you can use the power of the new hair care Telebrands product as the Hair Straightening Brush. With the new hair fixing brush, you can get your hair straight in less measure of time.

The best thing about the hair straightener is that it doesn’t damage your hair. Almost all hair straighteners modify the hair strands without any chemicals and harsh methods. The straightening plate of the Telebrands Hair Straightener is very smooth which actually soothing to the complete hair strand. The Telebrands Hair Straightener works on the principle of ionized plates. These plates give off ions by gentle heat. These ions change the structure of the hair from curly to straight by working on the surface of the hair strands.

Users can set the temperature of the hair straightener. The Telebrands Hair Straightener comes with the dedicated elevator button and one pressing of button will change the temperature about 5˚C. It is usually recommended to set the temperature at high level to gain faster results. If you have thick or dense hair, then you have to use the high temperature. However, if you have fine or bleached hair, then you have to go for relatively low heat for this purpose. The lower heat also protects your hair from excessive damage.

In order to use the Telebrands Hair Straightener, it is usually suggested to use the machine of dry hair. If you try to use the hair straightener on wet hair, then it can really damage your hair. It is also recommended to properly wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner before using the Telebrands Hair Straightener.

In spite of the fact that there are other hair straighteners are likewise accessible in the market that figure out how to straight the hair at the same time, they additionally influence the quality and shimmer of the hair. In any case, that is not the situation with the hair straightener 609. This hair straightener does not influence the normal shimmer, wellbeing and nature of your hair. You can redress your hair without losing the regular characteristics of your hair.

Additional Specification of the Telebrands Hair Straightener 609:

Heat resistant casing

Individual Thermo plates

Protective comb guards and pads

Suitable to work on dry hair

Easy to use LCD

Color Available: Pink

Item Specifications:

Hair Straightening Time: 5 Seconds

Heating Time: 30 Seconds

Degrees of Thermostat Adjustments: 5 Degrees

Voltage: 110V-220v

Power: 29 W

Working Temperature (Min): 80˚C

Working Temperature (Max): 240˚C


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