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Asthijivak joint pain treatment




Asthijivak is a ayurvedic treatment for Knee Pain Relief. Ayurveda is a blessing of sages for healthy life. Asthi Jivak oil & paste is the best cure for all muscular and joint pains. ASTHIJIVAK specifically made for Knee Pain Relief. ”

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Ayurveda: Blessings of sages for a healthy life. The ancient Sanskrit text stating how to prolong life and promote health by eliminating the cause of disease than mere treating it, is what forms the basis of Ayurveda. Ayurveda uses the divine knowledge of sages gathered by relentless exploration of nature and human body. The result is a medicinal system which is safe and sure. Ayurveda uses only botanical extracts and organic derivatives to keep the essentials of body in balance. Besides suggesting what and how to take in case of an ailment, it also advises on a lifestyle to prevent an ailment and sustain a cure. It is a complete philosophy for well being for mind, body and soul.

Asthijivak: Cure generations-old Knee pain. The miracle cure of all muscular and joint pains, specifically Knee pain, was said to first prepared by Pt. Sri Ram Sharma in a Rajasthan Village about 175 years ago. Legend has it that it was so popular during those times that seeing Indian commoners and soldiers benefiting from it, even British started using it in India and in Britain. However, preparation secret was only limited to few, leading to it not becoming a household cure. This preparation was later passed to generations of Vaidhya Sharma and eventually formed an organized preparation and distribution setup in order to make this miracle cure available to a bigger population.

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