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caboki hair fiber



Special offer: caboki 1 bottle in Rs. 2500 and two bottles in Rs. 3500


Caboki is not like other products which are traded in market, rather it is a professional product that:

  • Made of with natural herbs that is safe for skin.
  • has ability to stick with your hair and remain on your hair for long time.
  • No use of any animal based chemicals.

How Caboki Works:

thinning area   hair-becomes-thicker   caboki-fibers adhere-to-your-hair

First picture shows your thin hair, millions of micro hair fibers stick like a magnet with your hair, when you sprinkle caboki. Just like second picture show, each thin wisp will quickly become thick which eliminates bald spots and empty area and bring your confidence back.

Caboki All-Natural Ingredients:

Caboki is a man made fibers which is taken from plants and prepared in laborites. Herb that is used in making of these fibers is named as Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. It is a one kind of cotton that grows in Morocco. The reason behind using this herb in caboki is of the similar nature to human hair. This same reason will keep others ignorant about you are using something to fill your bald spots. The natural colour of this herb is grayish white that dyed after words with the help of natural mineral based colours to give you a natural look.

How Caboki Solves the Problem at Its Root:

Most of the ordinary products are made up with sheep’s hair. The logic behind using sheep’s hair is very obvious that sheep’s hairs are very similar to human hair, but the problem is wool and human hair have positive electric charge and as you know that same charge repel and opposite charge attract each other. By taking the help of science and work intelligently we use such herb that carries negative charge that ultimately results in attraction as apposite charges attract each other.

Special offer: caboki  1 bottle in Rs. 2500 and two bottles in Rs. 3500


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