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Hot shapers + belt



Bundle offer: get hot shapers pent & Hot belt in just Rs: 2500

If you want to stay healthy then quieting junk food is not enough, you need to do exercise and sweat more. To do exercise is not an easy job one should be a very consistent, mentally, for this or you need to take help of slimming products that works for you. Hot shapers is a revolutionary product that makes you goal achievable. you just need to wear it and let hot shapers suit works for you.

Hot shapers works like sauna treatment or sauna bath. It makes your task, to reduce weight, easy through heating and sweating. This is all due to Neotex technology. Neotex is the smart fabric that increase your body temperature during exercise. It also has the feature of adaptability as it increase body temperature with the increase of physical activity. Increase in temperature results in sweating that results in skin purification and melting of fat.

Fitness Formula:
Whether it’s losing of a few pounds or getting rid of that last bit of body fat to get muscle definition, Telebrands has a wide variety of slimming suits and supplements with different formulations for every specific needs. You can even check out Telebrands extensive collection of exercise equipment and accessories and go the extra mile for better health and fitness

Bundle offer: get hot shapers pent & Hot belt in just Rs: 2500


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