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The QURAN pen is a device which can assist the Muslims to recite the holy Quran. It contains a built-in speaker and headphones to hear the Holy QURAN. With the help of a scanner, QURAN pen can read any verse of the QURAN when you place it on the particular page.  It is very lightweight, compact and can be easily placed in the pocket.

Features of QURAN Pen Reader:

  • Recitation of QURAN in three different voices, including Al-Afsay, Ajmi and Abdul Basit.
  • Translation of QURAN in seven different languages.
  • Complete Holy QURAN printed on special scannable papers.
  • The pen can read any part of the QURAN by just putting it on the required Ayya’t.
  • Very effective for those who want to learn the QURAN, but feel ashamed due to their age.
  • Effective for those who want to learn the QURAN without the help of any teacher.
  • Children and old people can learn the Holy QURAN from almost anywhere.

How QURAN pen works:

  • It can read the whole Ayya’t when you touch it at any part of the Ayya’t.
  • It can read the whole Surah, when you touch it on the name of the Surah.
  • It can recite the whole page when you touch it on a specific page number.
  • It is capable of recording your recitation
  • The voice of the recital can be controlled.
  • It can store and play the Mp3 files.
  • It supports the TF cards to provide extra storage.

Specifications of QURAN Pen Pakistan:

  • The pen is equipped with Built-in Speaker for loud sound.
  • Trendy and simple design.
  • The QURAN pen comes with the rechargeable battery.
  • 4GB built-in memory (can be further extended through external memory slot).
  • User friendly, can be connected to the computer to update the database.
  • Battery lasts for six hours, once completely charged.
  • If not use for three minutes, will automatically turn off.
  • Weight: 2.75kg (whole unit).


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