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Stanley STSS025 220 Watt 1/4 Sheet Sander


The franchise of the Online Shopping PAK has the latest collection of power tools of different quality companies, including the Stanley. Today, the company has got the special product of the Stanley related to wood works that you would definitely like. the name of the product is Stanley STSS025 220 Watt 1/4 Sheet Sander.

The Stanley STSS025 220 Watt 1/4 Sheet Sander, as the name indicates, is a multipurpose and efficient sander that consumes less energy. The sander is packed with 220 watt motor that is a reasonable choice for a low-powered sander like this. The Sander uses the sandpaper having measurement of 114 x 109 mm. The machine has the orbital diameter of 1.6 mm and it has the total weight around 1.2 kilograms, which makes this sander the best machine in its category that can be used for hours without any problem.   

Technical Specifications of the Stanley STSS025 220 Watt 1/4 Sheet Sander:

  1. Power Input of the Sander machine: 220 Watt
  2. Orbit Diameter of the machine: 1.6 mm
  3. No Load Speed of the Machine: 16,000 RPM
  4. Size of the Sandpaper of the Machine: 114 x 109 mm
  5. Weight of the Machine: 1.12 Kilograms (approx.)

Package Consists of:

1 x Stanley STSS025 220 Watt 1/4 Sheet Sander

1 x Sanding Sheet

1 x Punch

1 x Dust Bag



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