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V-Comb Anti-Lice Treatment



V-comb Head Lice Comb is a revolutionary and innovative product that helps to get rid of lice, nits and its eggs. It is the most natural way of getting rid of this problem. The V-Comb is basically an electronic machine that has a stainless steel comb and it uses the suction power to lift the lice and its remnants. This revolutionary device works without the need of any chemicals and it can be used on men, women and children.

The V-Comb Head Lice Comb has a stainless steel comb that runs smoothly and nicely across the scalp to gently lift the lice, nits and its eggs. After suction, all the lice and its remnants are then sent to the patented capture filter. This filter can easily be attached to the middle of the device and when the working has completed, then it can easily be detached by the user. It is recommended to properly dispose off the filter by placing its lid for hygienic purposes.

The V-Comb Head Lice Comb runs by the AC current. All the users just have to plug in the cable of the V-comb into the electrical socket to make it work. The thing about the V-comb Head Lice Comb is that all the users can easily use this device on the heads of their kids too. The V-comb works best on dry hair, if you have taken a shower, then it is necessary to first dry your hair before using this product.

The V-comb head lice com will gently lift all the traces of lice, nits and its remnants as you comb through the hair. Out of the other products available in the market, the V-comb is perhaps the quickest and safest way amongst all. The best thing about the stainless steel comb is that no matter how long the hair user has; it will defiantly fulfill its purpose precisely and accurately. The V-comb also features a light in which you can see that the status of the filter fillings.

The overall cleaning of the V-comb is also on the easier side. Users just have to manually clean the device with a soft cloth after each treatment and that’s all. The electric v-comb is designed to use by all members of the family with a separate filter. The v-comb works best on the dry hair. Now you do not need to use the substandard and expensive anti-lice shampoo that often contains harmful chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, these types of chemicals are equally dangerous for kids and they can even cause’s harshness on the scalp of children.

Now, all family members do not have to complain again for the lice by using the versatile V-Comb Head Lice Comb. This multipurpose and useful product can be an eternal blessing for men, women and children of all ages. This must to have product is perhaps the only anti-lice solution for homes, beauty salons, beauty parlors and other living place. This V-Comb can be purchased exclusively from the official franchise of Online Shopping. All the users can also dial the number 0333-4115583 for the same purpose.

How to use the V-comb Head Lice Comb?

This product is very easy to use. Please pay attention to the following lines in order to use this product in the best manner:

  1. First of all; you have to open the main assembly of the V-comb to attach the filter.
  2. Gently pull of the assembly and it will be open
  3. Now, you have to place the filter in its slot and after that you have to rotate the tip of the filter in a clockwise direction, so it closed tightly
  4. Now you are ready to go. Place the plug of the machine in the standard electrical socket to make it work
  5. Now your machine is complete to start. Press the ON the button to start the machine
  6. In the next step, you have to gently comb through the hair in patches. It is recommended to use the machine on the front side of the head and afterwards on the back side
  7. As you comb through the hair, the suction of the machine will lift all the traces of lice and traps in the filter. In this way you have to comb through all the parts of the hair
  8. Remove the filter when you are finished place the lid on its top. After that disposed off the filter at a safer place
  9. You are done

Additional Features of the V-Comb Head Lice Comb:

  1. Chemical free anti-lice treatment machine
  2. Features a blue LED
  3. Equipped with a durable stainless steel comb
  4. Works with AC
  5. Traps all the lice, nits and eggs in the disposable filter
  6. One device can be used by the whole family
  7. Uses the power of suction
  8. Easy to use
  9. Made from highest quality material
  10. Compact and Portable
  11. Stylish Design

Technical Specifications of the V-Comb Head Lice Comb:

  1. Power Adapter Input Rating: 240 Volts
  2. Power Adapter Output Rating: 24 Volts
  3. Weight: 360 Grams

What is in the Box?

  • 1 x Main Body
  • 1 x Combing Head
  • 1 x Filter Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 3 x Filters
  • Instruction Manual


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